On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Julian Wolfe wrote:

> You guys really don't want to go modern at all, do you :P

Nope. That's why we are here... :-)

> I have a hard time understanding how it would be easy to interface RMS to a
> web site.

It's not a question of interfacing RMS to a web site. It's a question of
interfacing RMS to a web server. But if we assume that we have a web
server running on a PDP-11, it must have been written in some language.
That language most likely have an RMS interface already.
If you use something cgi-like as a structure from that web server, it's
even more obvious that whatever application you write that create a web
page is written in some (other) language on the PDP-11, which have an RMS
interface, which you use to store your database. RMS have indexed files
with searchable keys. Records holds data. Simple stuff.

> Besides, wouldn't that require having a PDP-11 hanging off the web server
> machine with a database on it?

Eh. No. I was thinking of doing this on a PDP-11. Why on earth would you
have another machine acting as the web servier, and use a PDP-11 at all
behind that somewhere. It would be very tricky and weird.

> There are a lot of good, free admin and automation tools for MySQL
> databases, I guess I'm not sure what you guys are trying to achieve here.
> Are you thinking of running this in text mode on a PDP11? Granted it would
> be cool but there wouldn't be any graphics!

Now you lost me twice. A web server is neither. It's just a protocol on a
tcp port. That protocol in itself is rather text oriented, but how it
looks to the user depends on what web browser he uses.

Or are you talking about the protocol in your idea of having some other
machine acting as a web server, and communication to/from the PDP-11
backend just for storage? I'd never do such a solution myself, so I can't
answer how I'd do that.


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