On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Julian Wolfe wrote:

>> I have no other idea than just because. But if you want to involve a
>> pdp-11 in this, why not go the full monty? I can definitely
>> not see the point in having a PC act as a front end for a
>> PDP-11, just because Apache exists. (Or whatever server you
>> were thinking of.)
>> I mean, the whole thing of ever placing a real PDP-11
>> anywhere in this food chain must be a "just because", right?

> While this would be undeniably cool, (as is the shop-pdp.kent.edu site) it
> would be unusably slow. If this were a small web site of my own, I'd
> probably host it on my pdp11 just to do it. However, the meat behind my
> idea is very much the usability factor - just look at shop-pdp...it's
> already slow, and that's an 11/73 with 2MB RAM. Add loads of graphics, a
> database server, a bulletin board, etc and you have one massively inadequate
> machine.

Hmm, I don't honestly know how fast/slow it might be.
shop-pdp isn't exactly a speed bullet, but why not I cannot really say. It
might be a number of things. After all, it's just presenting a static
page, and that should be possible to do pretty fast with almost any

And like I said, a database server might not need to be more than the RMS
functionality, which should work out pretty nicely.

But until we could actually try it, we're just guessning here. And we're
not likely to do much else yet for a while.

> However, if you have some unused cluster of high-end pdp11s connected to the
> internet, please by all means, let me know, and I'll get crackin.

Wish I had. I have the building blocks, but nothing that could be used
immediately for coding *that* stuff. Need a tcp/ip stack working first...
Hardware wise I have an 11/70 or 11/84, with fair disks and 10 MB/s
Personally I think it could cut it, if you wrote the software right. The
big reason for all the CPU resources nowadays are a combination of lousy
software and interpreting languages. Things are usually written in perl,
php, or something like that. Takes wads of CPU to get anything done.


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