> I have no other idea than just because. But if you want to involve a
> pdp-11 in this, why not go the full monty? I can definitely
> not see the point in having a PC act as a front end for a
> PDP-11, just because Apache exists. (Or whatever server you
> were thinking of.)
> I mean, the whole thing of ever placing a real PDP-11
> anywhere in this food chain must be a "just because", right?

While this would be undeniably cool, (as is the shop-pdp.kent.edu site) it
would be unusably slow. If this were a small web site of my own, I'd
probably host it on my pdp11 just to do it. However, the meat behind my
idea is very much the usability factor - just look at shop-pdp...it's
already slow, and that's an 11/73 with 2MB RAM. Add loads of graphics, a
database server, a bulletin board, etc and you have one massively inadequate

However, if you have some unused cluster of high-end pdp11s connected to the
internet, please by all means, let me know, and I'll get crackin.

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