I got vtserver compiled on a pc running Linux. I plugged the console
line into the pc and turned on my 11/44 and it said :
17777707 165714

Then I typed t/a and got:


17777707 165714

I un-poked the write protect on the RL02, poked load and when the
light came on I did "b dl"
and got:
RSTS V7.204 DASI....

I really do not know what to type next.

I have bunches of RL02 packs. I want to get vtserver to put them on
the pc so that I can look at them with SIMH. I need to figure out if
the NSL error will mess things up. The machine did not used to give
any thing about NSL, but I have not powered her up for a couple of

Any help appreciated.