On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, E.S. wrote:

> John Wilson wrote:
>> From: Mike Ross
>>> Let's get this straight: in theory, If I want to legally boot the
>>> RT-11 RK05 pack that came with my thirty year old 11/35, I have to
>>> stump up 2004 dollars to Mentec - who didn't exist (correct me if I'm
>>> wrong) when the machine was built - for both a license, AND a
>>> 'horrendous'ly expensive media kit - despite the fact that I have RT
>>> on the pack, and an entire fleet of tapes, already??!!

>> Is it winter already? Here we go again... We've already done "let's
>> build an IDE controller" recently, I forget what comes next in the
>> sequence?

> So, just in case you don't remember, next in line is:
> "porting gcc to pdp11"
> ;-)

Nah. First of all, gcc already have a backend for pdp-11. Second, I don't
think anyone would even dream of trying to run gcc natively on a pdp-11.
About as likely as getting gnuemacs in there.

But popular topics are definitely:
building your own ide controller
getting a SCSI controller
how to get