Have you seen what kind of power the average well-equipped PC draws? It's
rediculous! The graphics FPU cards pull HUGE amounts of power. Today's PCs
are set up with near 500-watt PSUs for good reason - those graphics cards
are power hogs, not to mention they put any PDP but an 11/70 to shame for
heat generation!

I'll probably only have one RL disk running, but I'm working on getting a
SCSI setup for the -11 (yes I know they're expensive) but I'd really like to
not have to use it.

Besides all that, it's just me in my apartment. The only things that run
24/7 right now are the clocks, fridge, and my Sun Ultra 5, which draws
barely anything due to it running headless in text console mode.

My PC, when it's running a 3D screensaver, draws over 400 watts. I'll have
to figure it out in Kilowatt hours, but it ain't cheap! It's got 4 fans in
it to keep the heat off the graphics card.

Does an RL02 use up more power running than a box fan? Motors are about the
same size, and I can't believe the heads pull that much power.

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something
completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
-Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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> >>> The system will be running 24/7 as I'll be accessing it

> from work a
> >>> lot of the time. (via serial line from my Sun machine)
> >>
> >> Have you factored in the cost of running a PDP-11 24/7?

> That is a
> >> significant amount of electricity you are talking about using.
> >> Thereis also all the heat generated to be taken into

> consideration.
> >
> >I guess it depends on the model, but most Qbus PDP-11's draw

> less power
> >than the amount wasted by a wife or kids. Ever look at how much a
> >curling iron draws? Ever add up how many watts all those

> lights your
> >kids leave on total up to? And none of my Qbus systems generate as
> >much heat as much heat as a 17" monitor. I believe this is what is
> >called a red herring. :-)

> It also depends on what steps you've take to reduce power usage.
> I've found that just turning off one computer has a definite
> effect on our power bill. As for the light issue, that's
> what compact fluorescent's are for.
> The big thing to consider is this, the /23 he's talking about
> won't draw a lot of power, but how much will the two RL02
> drives he's talking about using? I don't have the manual
> handy, but IIRC, it's no small amount. My /73 is in a BA123,
> but probably draws less power than the average PC, BUT I'm
> using 3 1/2" SCSI drives, that draw a lot less power than the
> old 5 1/4" full Height drives I used to use, or my RAxx or
> RL0x drives.
> > > Take a look into running an emulator on a Mini-ITX Linux

> box if you
> >feel the
> > > need to have it up 24/7.

> >
> >Other than the fact that an emulator lacks all the character

> of a real
> >PDP-11, I wouldn't wish Linux on my worst enemy. The only

> thing worse
> >is MS.

> Depends on if you're interested in the Hardware, Software, or both.
> If you're interested in just the software, the emulator *IS*
> the better choice in most cases.
> As for Linux, choose the right tool for the right job. For
> many things Linux is an excellent tool. When setting up a
> system for emulation, Linux or Windows are the best choices
> (though for PDP-8 emulation, the Mac is the best choice).
> You might have time to mess around getting everything to work
> on some other OS, but most of us don't.
> Zane
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