Zane Healy wrote:
> How good is the long term life of flash? I agree flash sounds like a good
> solution, I'm just concerned about it wearing out, and then you're left
> with what would be at that point a basically unreplacable part.

And in what way is that situation any different than hard drives or
optical drives? No matter what you use, you need to make backups of
your data, because the drive and/or medium WILL fail at some point.
When it does fail, the fact that you have a backup of the data is
MUCH more important than whether you can get an exact replacement for
the drive. This is true regardless of whether the proposed PDP-11
storage system is self-contained or is just an interface to a PC (Ethernet
or otherwise).

That said, there's every reason to believe that flash memory will last
MUCH longer than electromechanical disk drives (magnetic or optical).

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