> Being ethernet based should give them good long term support, and flash
> programming means the onboard software can be upgraded easily.

How good is the long term life of flash? I agree flash sounds like a good
solution, I'm just concerned about it wearing out, and then you're left
with what would be at that point a basically unreplacable part.

> Something I think would be worthwile would be to make the I/O mapping
> fairly flexible so the option exists to make the device emulate a rage of
> existing controllers. Will have to consider whether this over complicates
> the design

Based on my basically nonexistant knowledge of that level of HW information,
I should think that this would significantly increase the complexity.
However from an OS standpoint this would be absolutely FANTASTIC as it would
allow you to run versions of OS's that wouldn't otherwise run. Of the top
of my head, support for the following would be most excellent.


Also a level of support beyond just plain MSCP support, instead going so far
as to emulate specific disks such as RD51's would be good, but I beleive
that would be on the PC side of things.

I maintain tape support is also worthwhile, with support for TPC, RSX-11M+
Virtual Tapes, and SIMH Virtual tapes being desirable.

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