> What is the feasability of producing a DMA capable interface to a PC? The
> PC software side should be a doddle once the hardware is sorted.

I should think that PC hardware is changing at such a fast pace that the way
to go would be to build some sort of Q-Bus/Unibus device that appears to the
computer to be an Disk/Tape controller, yet in reality is some sort of SBC
with an ethernet controller that goes out and talks to some sort of daemon
running on a Unix system. It would also be important that the daemon be
coded in such a way that it would run on any Unix varient, and not just

I see a couple problems with such an implementation, one is that I havne't a
clue as to how to go about building such a thing :^) The other is that the
SBC would have to be built in such a way that it would have a long lifespan.
Actually come to think of it, the best solution would probably be to have it
download its OS from the same Unix system that the "Disk/Tape" daemon was
running on. After all you would want avoid having a disk of some sort on
the SBC that you'd have to worry about dying.

OTOH, the type PC interface you're thinking of has already been done
commercially for at least the PDP-10.

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