On Thu, 13 May 2004, will kranz wrote:

> I'm playing with yet another VT100 emulator, mostly to
> refresh my memory on what functions are available via
> escape sequences. However it is getting to the point that
> its easier to get a PC than a VT100. I have a VT103 manual which
> lists most of the common strings. However during a pretty
> simple RT11 V5.03 boot sequence I'm seeing two strings I
> do not find documented:
> ESC[4l (thats a lower case 'L' and its NOT ESC[?4l
> although maybe it should have been, and is a bug
> )
> ESC\
> Comments or your favorite URL for these strings would
> be appreciated.

You're way past VT0 here.

CSI 4 l is insert/replace mode: replace characters
ESC \ is the same as ST

Looks like they're trying to get VT200 or newer to behave in a default
way. ST will terminate any of the more complex commands in VT200, and
then they switch to replace mode, which is how terminals normally behave.


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