Hello All,

I have updated the "homebrew PDP-11" page on my website
and added a page called "Action!". You can download
the latest software and see the Real Console in action
in 4 mpeg files.

So far, I have received interest to make 10 sets ... if
you're not sure what you can do with these boards, here
are a few more possibilities.

- You can use one output port or, say 6 bits, to drive
an anlogue meter via an R/2R network (simple DAC).
- Same on the input side : connect a potentiometer via
a DAC.
- A substitute for defective logic!
One example : remove the (defective) boards from the
card reader (DEC aka Documation M200) and replace it
with a single Core and I/O board (+ software...)
- Interface a peripheral. One person was thinking of
connecting an IDE drive to in/out ports and access
it under program control (no DMA).
- anything you wanted to give simple intelligence !!!!

Updates to the hardware design are in progress, lifting
the design limit of a maximum of 2 I/O Boards to the
very comfortable (theoretical) 8 I/O boards. The limit
is the number of octal latches that you can connect to
the buffer IC -74245 in the datapath to the I/O Boards.
So, there is almost no limit to drive a large console,
for example the PDP-8i (over 80 lamps), the IBM S3 ....

I will keep the list posted!

- Henk, PA8PDP.
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