This is being sent to all mailing lists hosted at is undergoing a major network revamping this weekend,
mostly as a result of being forced to change ISPs on relatively short
notice. If all goes well, there should be no more than about half an
hour of downtime for any given system, no one will notice a thing, and
we'll be done some time on Sunday. I should point out that I live
near the Longmont airport and often hear pigs on their take-off runs.

Realistically, there'll be random outages this weekend. If we don't
get done, work will continue during the following weekday evenings,
and on through next weekend if necessary. We don't have much choice
about having to be done by that point.

What does this mean? Traffic on mailing lists hosted by
will be delayed for unpredictable amounts of time, and nothing should
be counted on getting passed on until after this weekend. If we're
hosting a web site for you, its availability will be similarly

If there are specific times from now through a week from Sunday that
you expect to absolutely require things to be functioning, please let
me know as soon as possible. Make sure that ``Village network
outages'' is somewhere in the subject line of your message; I may not
see it in a timely manner otherwise.

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