to make matters worse, I've heard you can't but the license without buying
a doc kit, perhaps this has changed.


> On Apr 6, 2004, at 10:17 PM, Douglas A. Gwyn wrote:
>> John Hudak wrote:
>>> 1. Where could he get a distribution?

>> Mentec ($$) or wait for one to show up on eBay..

> Absolutely right. This is what I got for a price quote on RT-11 from
> Mentec:
> 1 QY013-UZ RT-11 Full License $871.00
> 1 QJ013-H5R RT-11 V5.7 Distribution (TK50) $100.00
> 1 QJ013-GZ RT-11 V5.7 Documentation Kit $1,500.00
> Luckily, it appears they are still working on getting a hobbyist
> license set up. I asked about it when I called.
>>> 2. Given he has two different drives, could a sysgen be done (I've
>>> always done it on two (nearly identical) drives, i.e RL01s RL02s,
>>> etc.

>> An RT-11 sysgen can be done using a single RL02.
>> Or if you get an RX02 distribution you can use it to
>> sysgen onto an RL02.
>>> 3. If he was loaned a distribution on say a RL02, could he make a
>>> image copy to the RD53 and then recopy it to a clean RL02? If so,
>>> how?

>> I think DUP may be able to image-copy on a single
>> drive via disk swapping.
>> You could write some simple program to read a device
>> and write an image into a file, then vice versa, but
>> at least for RT-11 the simplest thing is to copy the
>> files en masse, COPY/BOOT to make the result bootable,
>> boot the copy, then copy files back to a newly
>> initialized disk, COPY/BOOT that, etc.
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