From: "McCollum, Peter"

>Also, why is the same guy selling a Falcon board, with a buy-it-now of
>$1500, and someone has bid more than $600 for it, and the reserve is not
>I guess Falcon boards are not so common, but is there something *that
>special* about them that I don't know about?

I've run into this too, Falcons are insanely valuable (I got a very nice
discount when I traded one in on a KDJ11E I was buying from a dealer a
few years ago). Evidently there are plenty of them still sitting around
in embedded control systems (robotic cranes are what I heard about), and
those guys will pay serious $$$ for spares. So that kind of prices them
out of the hobbyist range, in a public place like eBay anyway.

It's weird how every company seems to have a product named "Falcon".
DEC SBCs, Strobe Data coprocessors (that model emulates the DG Nova,
just to be confusing), Ford cars, Wills Wing hang gliders...

John Wilson
D Bit
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