|Accept it: some people think eBay is a blessing, others think it's a

I'd argue that it is both a blessing and a curse. For slightly obsolete
(yet commodity) equipment you can get great prices on what probably would
have been discarded (e.g., new 10BaseFl hubs for a dollar or two). For
current commodity equipment you find people paying over list, but that's
just the classic tax on stupidity. For some things that are genuinely
rare eBay can be the only accessible source. If you are willing to pay
through the nose, you can get such items. (I admit to having done that
on occasion.) We run into trouble with things that aren't really *rare*
per se but which have their prices inflated either by legitimate (but
foolish) bidding fever or by shills. This brings me to:

Quite a while ago I noticed some fairly intense bidding on a small lot
of unidentified flip chip modules. When the bidding ended I emailed the
non-winners that I have quite a few flip chip modules and that if they
were looking for anything in particular and I had it they were welcome
to it. Only one person responded, and that was just to say ``not
interested.'' So either people are really foolish or there are shills...

With the above as introduction, I still have quite a few flip chip modules
and, like the DECtapes, they are beginning to take up more room then they
are worth to me. I'm not going to toss them soon, but if anyone wants
anything, now would be a good time to ask. I have a handwritten list of
the modules which I may try to scan. Or maybe I could fax it to someone
who can do OCR?

Dan Lanciani
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