Johnny Billquist wrote:
: I know that if eBay "deals" start popping up here, I'll just quit being a
: member.

FYI, although the occasional one probably slips through (too early in
the morning for a functional brain, other useful content in post,
etc), I do generally bounce the ``go check out my ebay auction''
posts, for exactly this reason. Posts along the lines of ``I've got
, and if no one here will take it conditions here>, I'll put it up on ebay in '' are
harder to judge, but the ones that are clearly trying to get the
machines to someone who is able to appreciate/use it will get passed.
The others are a fuzzy area I try to judge as best I can.

Note that I'm about 2500 messages behind on the list itself, so either
mail directly to me or keep some variant of ``ebay'' in the subject or
body of the message if you want me to see it. The list's filter kicks
all such posts to me for review.

Dworkin, info-pdp11 list moderator
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