On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Dan Lanciani wrote:

> Guy Sotomayor wrote:
> |I agree. We all would like to "get something for nothing" and many
> |complain about the prices on e-bay. The fact is probably if the prices
> |weren't what they were on e-bay most of this stuff would be scrapped for
> |it's metal content and we'd all loose.
> I've never complained about the prices on eBay. What I object to is eBay's
> attempt to foster a one sided "contract" environment that binds the bidder
> but not the seller.

And my objection is the "price optimization" sellers do by splitting
machines up in atoms, in order to sell every piece separately.

Accept it: some people think eBay is a blessing, others think it's a

You're not going to convert me anymore than I'm going to convert you. But
I know that if eBay "deals" start popping up here, I'll just quit being a


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