I've just finished up Ersatz-11 V4.0. This is the first E11 release in
almost two years, the result of a massive rewrite of 159,000 lines of
segmented 80x86 code into 32-bit flat code. The idea is to make E11 more
efficient and more portable. A Win32 version is in the works.

Anyway, most of the improvements to E11 are in its internal structure, but
there are a few new features:

- command line editing/recall
- built-in driver for RealTek RTL8139-based PCI Ethernet cards
- CDROM: driver auto-sizes (so DVDs will work too)
- M8644 countdown register emulation (don't ask, it's a CSS device)
- MOUNT /LOAD switch for pre-loading RAMtapes
- RocketPort driver supports the new "Universal" PCI cards
(full version only)
- DJ11 serial mux emulation (full version only)
- Win32-style "PE .EXE" format added to linking loader, and
32-bit API added for plug-ins (uh, documentation soon)

The Demo versions (which are free for 30-day commercial trial or unlimited
hobby use) now include more of the features from the "full" version, including
4 MB memory (which was only in the Linux Demo version in V3.1).

The Demo versions are downloadable from www.dbit.com (as are PDFs of the
manuals for all five versions), or ftp.dbit.com in pub/e11. Commercial
customers with current update subscriptions will get disks in the mail.

John Wilson
D Bit
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