On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 20:51, Douglas A. Gwyn wrote:
> Dan Lanciani wrote:
> > The sellers know that and try to time their cancels accordingly. But
> > ultimately they have the upper hand because even after the auction ends
> > they can just back out.

> I've bought a *boatload* of PDP-11 and other gear via eBay
> and almost never had a seller back out, even when the bid
> price was ridiculously low (on no-reserve auctions).

Me too. Some stuff I've gotten on the cheap, other stuff I've paid
dearly for (but then again, I bid what I'm willing to pay).

> The sad fact is that to most people, antique computers are
> worth more ground up to reclaim their gold content than
> intact and operational. We should be glad that some folks
> are satisfied with selling them to those who care, instead.

I agree. We all would like to "get something for nothing" and many
complain about the prices on e-bay. The fact is probably if the prices
weren't what they were on e-bay most of this stuff would be scrapped for
it's metal content and we'd all loose.

TTFN - Guy
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