Thanks for the feedback. I checked this further. I'm running a stripped down
RSX 11M+ 4.1 BL46 on an Ersatz-11.

Since RSX keeps version numbers, I looked at the date of the OBJ files
produced by MAC. The date when I was getting 0 sized object files from MAC
was Jan 17, 2004 (entered as 17-Jan-04). If I bootup and enter that specific
date (the time doesn't seem to matter) then the Macro assembler coughs up 0
sized files. e.g. '>mac sho32,sho32=sho32' produces a sho32.obj file of 0
bytes. If I enter Jan 18, 2004, it's fine. If I enter today's date, it's
fine. This applies for all the MAC files that I happen to be using so I
don't think it's something in the MAC source file.

So is this just me and my system is peculiar or what. Further illumination

P. Scott Harris, P.Eng.
H&L Associates