Hi Will:
Thanks for the post. I've been party to the scenario you described (not
with JCM parts). Most frustrating. I've also have gotten 'good deals' -
things that I would not have been able to find, let alone found at a
more than reasonable price. If it is any concelation, I've dealt with
JCMparts in the past and have had good dealings with them. They are
also, IMHO, one of the more reputable people selling DEC stuff on ebay.
There are quite a lot of fly-by-night types that just throw up a
picture of a card, drive, and with minimal info, ask an outrageous
starting price. Moreover, when you ask for any specifics, the answer
you get is 'DUH'?? My favorite is, 'selling (junk) as-is...asking
outrageous price' and 'look carefully at the pic'..

One thing that has work in the past, is, if an item does not sell,
contact the ppl and negotiate a price.

I agree with your view that the seller should be held to the same
contract principles as the bidder. Once you make a decision to sell, it
should be indefinite. If the customer needed a power supply, they
should have bid on the unit. Of course, this would have driven the
price way up.

Not to long ago, there were 4 falcon boards being offered...I made
arrangements to be around a PC near the end of the auction to bid on the
items. Similar experience to yours - They were removed from bidding. I
contacted the seller who told me that he was offered $1000 for each
board (not really sure I believe this) and it was a better deal than the
current price of somewhere around $50 for all four. Can't say that if I
was in his shoes, I would not do the same thing.

I've never seen in a live auction, the item removed while bidding is
going on. Perhaps ebay should have the same policy?

Will Kranz wrote:
> This is a short rant following a frustrating experience, but it might be
> of interest to some.
> "Ian King" recently posted some thoughts I think I agree with.
> I've gotten some good deals on Ebay, and seen some bad ones.
> I only bid when I want, and I'm sure I get access to more stuff at
> reasonable prices this way than I would if Ebay didn't exist.
> That said, and in part due to Ian's post, I was all ready to start serious
> bidding on: Item #2796965750 Seller: jcmparts
> "DC PDP11/23 Plus PDP 11/23 Digital Computer"
> which was supposed to close this afternoon.
> In spite of George Bush's econimic recovery, I am not not finding work as a
> programmer, so I am working construction. I took the afternoon off to
> be sure
> to bid as the item closed. Unfortunately it was removed from bidding.
> I didn't even know one could do that, had imagined here was an obligation
> to sell if the minimum was met. Wrong again.
> Interestingly enough Ebay does not even allow feedback on such an issue.
> I complained to the seller and got the following reply from Joe Moir of
> jmcparts:
> >Sorry but we needed the power supply to divert a crisis with one of

> our customers. I have >never ended an auction early before and apologize
> for the inconvenience. It was a matter >of helping a customer that has
> spent thousands with us VS a part on Ebay that was sitting >at $50. If
> we can find another power supply it may be re-listed soon.
> Looking at 'jmcparts' Ebay feedback, a lot of people whose names I
> recognize have
> given them positive feedback. Maybe this is totally acceptable
> behavior, but
> it pissed me off.
> Will
> PS: On a more positive note, my Dad has collected this stuff for years.
> He has a couple of the classic hard copy terminals/printers.
> I can't remember the DEC part number off the top of my head, but
> they come with a pedistal stand, and have a keyboard and printer.
> Questionable if ribbons are still available, but they are classic.
> One sees them in all the old DEC manuals as the system console.
> If I can talk Dad into letting them go (they haven't been used in 15 years)
> is anyone interested. You have to get them out of South Eastren CT, or
> I may try my luck on the evil Ebay network.
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