On Wed, 31 Mar 2004 17:28:31 -0500, Will Kranz

>PS: On a more positive note, my Dad has collected this stuff for years.
>He has a couple of the classic hard copy terminals/printers.
>I can't remember the DEC part number off the top of my head, but
>they come with a pedistal stand, and have a keyboard and printer.
>Questionable if ribbons are still available, but they are classic.
>One sees them in all the old DEC manuals as the system console.
>If I can talk Dad into letting them go (they haven't been used in 15 years)
>is anyone interested. You have to get them out of South Eastren CT, or
>I may try my luck on the evil Ebay network.


I'm up for those - the Corestore is short of consoles/decwriters. And
I'm just over the CT border, in Westchester (Mamaroneck)...

Please get in touch if they become available.



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