On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 15:01, Dan Lanciani wrote:
> Will Kranz wrote:
> |In spite of George Bush's econimic recovery, I am not not finding work as a
> |programmer, so I am working construction. I took the afternoon off to be sure
> |to bid as the item closed. Unfortunately it was removed from bidding.
> |I didn't even know one could do that, had imagined here was an obligation
> |to sell if the minimum was met. Wrong again.
> If it's any consolation, some sellers seem to use the technique of ending
> the auction seconds "early" (after canceling all bids) as a matter of course
> when they aren't happy with the price. If they miss the chance to cancel they
> will tell you after the auction ends that the item wasn't available after all.
> See my recent comments in misc.legal.moderated. eBay makes a big fuss about a
> big being a binding contract, but it seems to bind only the bidder...

I had the same thing happen when I was bidding on a classic-8. I was
*most* upset! And it wasn't that I was getting a "deal". It was the
seller wasn't happy with the price.

TTFN - Guy
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