On Sat, 6 Mar 2004, Rob Brown wrote:

> On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, David Evans wrote:
> > Is there a terminal pager-like function on RSX-11M+ similar to
> > TERM PAGE nn on TOPS-20? Fiddling with SET TERM /HOLD and friends
> > doesn't seem to work.

> Do you mean something like TYPE/PAGE from VMS DCL? M+ V4.6 DCL has this
> functionality. Otherwise, I would use VTL.

It's a new function in PIP in M+ 4.6 and M 4.8.
/PA pauses after each page.

However, it's slightly annoying that it prints 24 lines, if you have the
terminal set to 24 lines. Since the prompt takes another line, it means
that you miss seeing one line for each page.

VTL is generally a much better option. However, VTL have the unfortunate
property of being a very efficient tool to detect buggy
VT100-implementations. :-/

SET /HOLD in RSX will also work, but it requires that you have a VT52,
since the hold-screen mode don't exist in newer terminals.


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