> > Never heard of the RK06 controller. Where did you find anything on that?
> The RK611 controller was for the RK06 and RK07 series drives. They were
> pack drives like the RL01/02, but had two platters in the case. Three
> surfaces for data, one for servo.
> They stored 14/28mb per pack. Although they had their own controller and
> cables (and drivers) they had most of the features of the bigger
> RM02/03's. Seeks, ECC transactions, head offsets, the works. I also
> think the drives themselves could be dual-ported.
> Odd that they went with yet another controller instead of just going
> MASSBUS on it.
> Chris

They were meant as an upgrade to RK05's for small businesses and places
with departmental boxes like 11/34's and such.

The RLO2's ended up taking much of that business due to their price
and performance.

The RK06/7's were really reliable and quite nice and DEC had an 11/60
cabinet designed with 2 RK06/7's built in IIRC.

d|i|g|i|t|a|l had it THEN. Don't you wish you could still buy it now!
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