On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Julian Wolfe (FireflyST) wrote:

> ack! What I meant was, According to the RK-05 tech manual, the spin up
> time is 2 seconds at 10 amps. They may be slower RPM, but that power
> spike is just nuts. I'm sticking with my original plan of an RL02!

Oh. The *spike*. That is yet another issue. I'm still claiming that the
RK05 spins up faster than the RL02. But speed comes at a price. :-)

> Anyone want to sell an RL02? :-D

Do you want to pay shipping from Sweden for a 220V version? (Actually, I
think it's easy to conver to 110V, but I haven't checked).

Anyhow. Stick with RL02. They are usually a better choise anyway. It's
*much* easier to find packs, they are reliable and hold much more.

RK05 is probably more for the odd person who likes the looks, or have a
PDP8. The RL02 looks like five disks to OS/8 because of the huge size. :-)


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