On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Christopher Zach wrote:

> > I don't get it. Why are these terminals so expensive?!?!

> That's simple: We've been paying storage on them for the last 20 or so
> years :-) Unfortunately the days of clearning out storage rooms full of
> these things are over.

That first comment is a joke, I assume.
However, it is true, that most have been cleaned away now, so the supply
is finally running down.

> And in a way it makes sense: Yes, my 8/I is probably worth a few K on
> Ebay, and yes, if I had grabbed the PDP12 it would be worth a lot. But I
> have had those things taking up space in my life for *18* years.
> That's a lot of spiritual rent, so to speak.

Whatever you paid to store it is hardly relevant. What matters are what
people are willing to pay. And it seems some people are willing to pay a

> > Anyone have a LA36 or 120 for sale at an affordable price, or know where I can get one as such?

> Hm. I have a pair of them. Well, an LA36 and the ultra-rare LS-120 (an
> LA36 that they configured to run at 120cps. Very neat). I should
> consider selling them on Ebay one of these days...

Please don't even mention eBay around here... :-)


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