On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Christopher Zach wrote:

> > Not sure, but the RS03/04 was probably among the early ones.
> > They are fixed head drives, which makes them pretty fast. I think that
> > nothing older was ever used in PDP-11s anyway, but there might have been
> > some odd stuff for PDP-10 systems that was older.

> Well, there was the RF11 (which would access data in "words", not
> secotr/track/etc kinda like a DF32 on steroids).

Oh, sure, there were many different disks already. But as far as MASSBUS
disks goes, the RS03/04 might be the oldest, but somehow I'm not sure.
MASSBUS wasn't really for the PDP-11. It was added to the PDP-11 at a
later stage. It was really more for the PDP-10.

> But I didn't realize
> that MASSBUSS had been around way back then; more the thought that at
> that point controllers were very specific to the drive (like my RK08)
> and not in any sort of "class" (like the RK11, the RK06, and the like)
> I wonder what the RK06 controller was supposed to be.

Never heard of the RK06 controller. Where did you find anything on that?

As far as more general disk buses goes, IBM had used their channels since
the late 60s I believe. That was another popular thing to connect to a
PDP-10 back then.

The PDP-11 was more specialized, so it took a bit longer before more
generic disk buses came that way, I guess.


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