Radio Shack was selling a "Watts Up" meter back around Christmas time. I
picked one up.

It measures current, watts, VA, power factor, and can do accumulations
over time. Plugging it into my RM03's showed that they used a lot less
power running (<5amps each) than I thought.

As for outdoors, get a set of *good* flourescent spotlights. I replaced
my 150 watt ones with nice 15 watt ones and don't notice the difference.
Well, except on the power bill when I leave them on all night (60 watts
vs. 600 watts)

I have my third floor on a seperate meter and run three Macintoshes, and
two NeXTStations 7*24. Total cost is around $20 a month in terms of
power (MD, lot cheaper than say CA)

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