On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Christopher Zach wrote:

> RP's typically didn't have it, but the RP series were typically
> hard-wired into power and ran on their own breakers. RS03/04 drives also
> had the sequencers (and I believe they were MASSBUSS).

RP0x drives in the USA had their power daisy-chained from one drive to the
next in groups of three. That is, the first drive plugged into a 30
amp, 3-phase outlet (NEMA L21-30), the second drive plugged into the
first and the third drive plugged into the second. If there was a 4th
drive, it was plugged into a separate 3-phase circuit.

As the power passed through each drive in the chain, the phases were
rotated so that each drive's motor ran off a different phase in order to
balance the load.


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