Thanks again to you all on my previous posts.

I just went up to the library where I work (I work at the College of Lake County in IL) and they had a ton of oldschool computing books about mainframes etc, and many about older languages like Fortran and Algol. So I grabbed one of the circa-1980 books on Fortran 77, and all it talked about was cards, cards, cards! Frankly, I know that the card punch is as "retro" as it gets, but I hate the things and have no interest in acquiring one. As I went through other F77 books, they all were referring to the sa
me stuff.

Can someone help me out in getting started using Fortran, or at least, what to do with all this info regarding punch cards? The books say things like "If you are using an interactive or real-time system, simply adapt this information to fit those needs", but it doesn't say how to!

Rgggh I'm so frustrated.

Thanks again for everything!


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