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On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Christopher Zach wrote:

> RL02's spin at 2400RPM. RK05's spin at 1800RPM IIRC. Thus the transfer
> time for data is a bit faster on the RL series drives.

Transfer rates, sure. But I thought we said spinup time. Having to reach a
lower RPM should also make it faster to come online. In short, the RK05
takes less time to come online from the moment you push the run button.

> RL's also do spiral writes/reads on sectors IIRC. I don't however recall
> if they can do overlapped seeks, although I *think* they can.

You are confused. :-)
RL02 cannot do spiral read/write. The RK05 can.
Both can do overlapped seek.


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