> I don't get it. Why are these terminals so expensive?!?!

That's simple: We've been paying storage on them for the last 20 or so
years :-) Unfortunately the days of clearning out storage rooms full of
these things are over.

And in a way it makes sense: Yes, my 8/I is probably worth a few K on
Ebay, and yes, if I had grabbed the PDP12 it would be worth a lot. But I
have had those things taking up space in my life for *18* years.

That's a lot of spiritual rent, so to speak.

> Anyone have a LA36 or 120 for sale at an affordable price, or know where I can get one as such?

Hm. I have a pair of them. Well, an LA36 and the ultra-rare LS-120 (an
LA36 that they configured to run at 120cps. Very neat). I should
consider selling them on Ebay one of these days...


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