Updating my post of a couple days ago:
1) I find that I can run the XXDP diags in E11 if I have
an RX02 image mounted. This allows me to see some of
the output I should expect, but the E11 system doesn't pass
the diagnostic, gives all kinds of errors. John are you
out there, why would this be?

2) I previously posted:
"On the target 11/23 most the diags that look interesting just go away"
On repeated diag tests I notice that what happens is the
system halts! IE the run light goes out. No wonder they don't
complete, but it seems a bit strange. The diags in question are
ZRXCA0.bin, ZRXFB0.bic, and ZRXDC0.bic. All make the drive
click a couple times (probably sends an init?) and immediately
after this the run light goes out. If I boot RT11 off a TU58
and do a DIR command I get the "ERR 15" I posted the other day,
but the machine continues to run just fine and I can do other
operations on the TU58. What is this telling me?

This system has an M8189 CPU and for the record, currently
ONLY has the CPU, two M8067 memory cards, and the M8029 RX02 controller
installed. There are 9 slots in the backplane assembly.
I've been running off the Bootstrap rom. Guess its
time to reconfigure it for ODT and poke around. Sigh.
However this leads me to another issue. I thought maybe its
some sort of bus issue.

I've never looked at the backplane issues much and thought it
was time. There is a Digital paper lable at the back of the
enclosure that in part says
"P/N 0BA11-N
CS REV B048"
So where I'm confused is the backplane itself has no "H927?"
lable to identify it. Its happy running the CPU, so does
this make it an "H9275"? The first three slots accept
the quad cards above, but is it serpentine after this?
I had been assuming this as CD all the way through slot 9.

3) What is the least painful way to identify the backplane without a lable?
A year ago I tried an RL02 controller in the 4th slot.
It worked for about an hour and then died. If it is
serpentine starting at slot 4 maybe this wasn't a very bright thing
to do and I'd like to be sure before I cook something else!
Or if it worked for an hour does this tell me all the slots are Q-CD?

4) My normal source for a lot of this is Hamster's pages.
For the last couple days I cannot reach http://www.telnet.hu/hamster/dr/
Anyone have a similar experience or explaination, I'd hate to have
this great source disappear!

Thank you.
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