will kranz wrote:

|Back when the economy was strong and I thought I had some spare
|change I purchased two 11/44 systems.

Good choice.

|Address Result ROM
|17773000 042114 RL01
|17773200 046524 TU10,TE10,TS03
|17773400 042125 not in my list
|17773600 16177 no rom present, or failure
|Its the 042125 I'm interested in as it wasn't covered in my manual.

I'm guessing that you don't know that these numbers are just the ascii
for the device names.

|One system came with a UDA50 controller and an RA81, I'm hoping that's
|the right boot ROM.

Looks like it.

|Does anyone have the ability to make these ROMS.

I think I can still program them, but last time I checked even the substitutes
for that generation of PROM were getting hard to find...

|As a big
|TU58 fan,

I didn't realize that there were any TU58 fans.

|I'd like to be able to boot that given that I seem
|to have an open rom slot. I've yet to actually pull the board
|and look or try the 2nd machine, but its worth asking.

It's certainly worth looking in the other machine. The TU58 boot PROM came
standard, so it was pretty common.

Dan Lanciani
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