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> >Has anybody ever gotten this combination to work at all?
> >
> >I have tried this under DOS, W98 and 200 with no success. RSTS

> V10.1 boots
> >and inits DECnet just fine, but then just fills up the error log with XE0
> >device errors (I don't have any examples handy at this moment).
> >I haven't played with it in a couple of years, but we are are moving
> >the office in another 4 months and the boss wants me to get this up
> >and running so we have a backup in case out 84's decide they are
> >going to crap out after the move....

> Are you going from a pre-generated system, or are you trying to
> install from tape images?

A pre-generated system. I used the RSTS backup/image to a JAZZ drive, and
hooked it to make it bootable. Then I just boot E11/RSTS off the Jazz.
I set E11 to emulate our present system _exactly_ as it is on our real
/84. I have used realtek cards (NE2K clones), 3Com cards with the packet
driver, SMC cards, a system with 2 NIC's in it and decnet only bound to
1 nic, all other protocols bound to the other NIC. Nothing has worked...

> I have attempted to install from scratch on E11 running under
> Linux using tape images of RSTS/E V10.1 and the appropriate
> DECnet/E. If I remember correctly it looses the emulated
> ethernet interface during the attempt to install DECnet/E from
> tape. I spent quite a bit of time on this about a year ago, and
> could never get it to work.
> I do know that E11 does work with RT-11 & TCP/IP, RSX-11M &
> DECnet, RSX-11M+ & TCP/IP (not that this helps you). I've also
> seen where if you are using networking under an OS, switch OS's
> and want to use networking in another OS under E11 that at least
> on Linux you are likely to need to reboot Linux in order to have
> the networking working under the emulated OS.
> So, I'd also like to know if anyone has gotten RSTS/E and
> DECnet/E to work under E11.
> Zane

John - are you out here?

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