[ This is a bit off-topic -- if someone can point me to a more appropriate place, please do so. ]

The two picture-links below are of a module out of what I believe was an early 50's-vintage computer. Note the tube sockets across the top. Some of the sockets appear to be wired for a 5963 (or something similar - same pinout as 12AU7). I started writing down part of the schematic for it - the 4 diodes in the lower-right form the inputs to a gate - sort of like DTL circuitry, but with tubes. In any case, it's definitely logic circuitry of some sort.
I have 4 of these modules, and each is the same form-factor, but wired to do different functions. No markings to indicate a brand. The second picture is a close-up of the connector pins on the bottom.

Does anyone recognize it? Or any guesses about what type of early computer would have used this type of module?



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