Hi: I had forgotten about VTserver and didn't know about the Win Console
COOL. I love pdp systems and Linux so you'd think I could remember.

I had the impression it was mainly for loading a bootable image onto a
virgin system.
Does it work equally well as a serial interface to the host systems hard drive?

I have a couple links to TU58 emulators off my pdp page, try:

I wrote and made available an the MSDOS based emulator and
ported Dan Ts'o BSD code to Linux (there is probably a BDS compatibility
library somewhere but I never found it). I have several diskless PDP systems
which I periodically boot this way. Its also pretty good for running XXDP
on sick
systems, another pet project under pdp11/xxdpdoc.htm.

Even compared to an RX02 the serial interface is a little slow, but with
a TU58 emulator the big delays caused by seeks on a physical TU58
are gone and performance is reasonable.


At 09:49 PM 10/18/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Is there a way or ways I can bypass the tu58 drive and or the paper
>tape and use a pc in its place??
> Jay

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