servers is the same as sessions.

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I think the request was to limit the number of active FTP sessions and not simply the number of servers. I looked in the documentation and I, too, can't find any way to limit the number of sessions. I'd be happy to know if someone is aware of some way to do this, but I believe we had an answer from someone as Process already who said it's not (currently) in the product.

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You could put the following in TCPWARE:FTP.CONF:


This will limit the total number of servers to 1, no matter who they are.
This may be what you really want.

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> Is there a way to limit (Anonymous) FTP sessions with TCPware?
> Background: I've a FTP server and a xDSL link at home, and if someone
> accesses my server the bandwidth of my downloads are noticeable reduced.
> And if more than 1 file is uploaded (for me, downloaded for the friend)
> then not only I'm really unhappy with the performance (of my internet

> but also these downloads can't complete (cause of my upload bandwidth)
> before I (have to) shutdown the server at night (and the transfer/s is/are
> aborted and because of no TCPware FTP server REGET feature the bandwidth
> was totally wasted for both/all of us).
> So, I'd like to have only one (anonymous) FTP session allowed to avoid

> Is this possible?
> At best it should be possible to limit only anonymous FTP sessions, while
> non-anonymous FTP sessions (myself, not using the internet link) won't
> get affected.
> Any hints? (and yes, I'll RTFM tomorrow)
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