Thanks for your suggestion.

We had already tried that approach, but as you indicate that is designed to
send a form feed to the printer between *jobs*.

We need a form feed between each file of a single job (print command). For
example, in "print/copies=3 test.lis"; we need a form feed between copy one and
two and another, form feed between copy two and three. We managed to get the
LG12 to form feed after the final copy of each job, by configuring a "logical
printer" using the LG12's web panel interface.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated...


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From: "Lutes, Dale"
Subject: RE: LG12 Line Printer

The answer is to build a device control library for that particular printer.
That would be a text library (.TLB) containing a reset module. These are
the steps:

1. Create a text file called RESET.TXT containing the control sequence
needed to reset the printer between jobs. In your case, it sounds like a
single formfeed character would do.

2. Create the device control library file and insert your reset module into

3. Copy the library file to SYS$SYSDEVICE:[VMS$COMMON.SYSLIB]

4. Add the following qualifiers to your queue startup command:

You may have to stop and restart the queue.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ira Melamed - Database Administrator
> We have a little problem with a new LG12 Line Printer from
> Tally-Genicom
> (Model 621).
> ...
> We can't find the correct way to set this up, either via the
> LG12 configuration
> menus or VMS print queue setup.
> It seems like we want VMS to be able to send a form feed,
> between all of the
> files in a single PRINT *.* command. Is this possible?