The answer is to build a device control library for that particular printer.
That would be a text library (.TLB) containing a reset module. These are
the steps:

1. Create a text file called RESET.TXT containing the control sequence
needed to reset the printer between jobs. In your case, it sounds like a
single formfeed character would do.

2. Create the device control library file and insert your reset module into

3. Copy the library file to SYS$SYSDEVICE:[VMS$COMMON.SYSLIB]

4. Add the following qualifiers to your queue startup command:

You may have to stop and restart the queue.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ira Melamed - Database Administrator
> We have a little problem with a new LG12 Line Printer from
> Tally-Genicom
> (Model 621).
> ...
> We can't find the correct way to set this up, either via the
> LG12 configuration
> menus or VMS print queue setup.
> It seems like we want VMS to be able to send a form feed,
> between all of the
> files in a single PRINT *.* command. Is this possible?