We are running OpenVMS 7.3-2 and TCPWare V5.6-2.

We have a little problem with a new LG12 Line Printer from Tally-Genicom
(Model 621).

The print que is setup for TCPIP using "/PROCESSOR=TCPWARE_VMSLPRSMB",
and continuous form green-bar paper.

When we print multiple files with one print command (PRINT *.TXT or /copies=n),
the printer does not page break between files. The first line of file two will
overprint the last line of file one, and just continue printing. It page
breaks correctly when it gets down to our lines-per-page setting.

We can't find the correct way to set this up, either via the LG12 configuration
menus or VMS print queue setup.

It seems like we want VMS to be able to send a form feed, between all of the
files in a single PRINT *.* command. Is this possible?

Any suggestions would be appreciated...


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