TCPware ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for TCPware:

Description: Correct AgentX errors for Intersystems Cache product
Release date: 11-AUG-2006
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 3
Versions: 5.7-2,5.6-2,5.5-3

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

SNMPD Patch kit (revision 2.0) for TCPware version 5.7-2 3-Aug-2006

Copyright (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006 by Process Software

This VMSinstallable saveset provides new versions of SNMPD.EXE
for TCPware for OpenVMS.
TCPWare V5.5-3 and later
VMS/VAX V5.5-2 and later
VMS/ALPHA V6.1 and later
VMS/Integrity V8.2 and later

You must restart SNMP after installation.

The following changes have been made:

Correct errors in Agent X code for registering ranges of MIB
variables. This patch is required for Intersystems Cache
product to work correctly.
DE 10349 SNMPD_V572P020
ECO Rank: 3 (Corrects a specific problem)

Allow the hostid in a trap packet to be specified with a new
configuration statement. The format is:

hostid ip_address

The ip_address is checked against the addresses that the system has
lines configured for.
DE 10371 SNMPD_V572P020
ECO Rank: 3 (Corrects a specific problem)

This patch includes the following fixes released earlier:

Improve functionality of the SNMP agent to support the WBEM$GSVIEW
component of the Insight Management Agents.
Correct miscellaneous errors.
DE 10199 SNMPD_V572P014
ECO Rank: 3 (Corrects a specific problem)

Correct an error in passing the object id value that was introduced in
DE 8763 SNMPD_V562p030
ECO Rank: 3 (Corrects a specific problem)

An error which could cause the SNMP Agent to ACCVIO when setting an
object id value in an Agent X subagent has been corrected.
DE 8664 ECO level 2 SNMPD_V562P020

A problem with returning the full contents of Agent X octet strings
has been corrected. This corrects problems with the NIC MIB of the
Insight Management agents on VMS V7 on AXP.
DE 8655 ECO level 3 SNMPD_V562P010

A problem with the way Agent X object Ids are returned has been
DE 8363 ECO level 3 SNMPD_V562P010

After installing the patch kit you should issue the following command
to cause the new image to be used:

$ @tcpware:restart snmp

[End of ECO announcement]