TCPware ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for TCPware:

Description: Provide support for HP Performance Data Collector (TDC)
Release date: 1-AUG-2006
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 3
Versions: V5.7-2,V5.6-2

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

TDC_TCPWARE-010 ECO kit rev 1.0 For TCPware 31-Jul-2006

Copyright (c) 2006, Process Software LLC

ECO Ranking (this version): 3

This ECO kit provides a TCPware specific INET module for the Performance
Data Collector (TDC) Version 2.2-108 and later from HP. Executables are
provided for AlphaServers running OpenVMS Version 7 or 8 and Integrity
systems running OpenVMS V8. Alpha systems may be running either TCPware
5.6 or 5.7.

The TCPware INET module will be placed in TCPWARE:TDC_TCPWARE.EXE and
can be used just like the TCP/IP Services INET module that ships with TDC.

The TCPware INET module provides some of the data elements that the
TCP/IP Services INET module provides with elements that can't be provided
set to zero so that the same analysis tools can be used.

You do not need to reboot or restart TCPware after installing this kit.
TDC V2.2-108 and later will automatically find and use the TCPware data
collection image.

Check SYS$HELP:TDC_TCPWARE010.RELEASE_NOTES for a list of data fields
that TCPware provides.

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