Start by looking at SSH2_DIR:SSHD2_CONFIG. , specifically the AllowedAuthentications .
If all that is listed in publickey, then that says the users need to have publickey set up in order to login. Usually you'll want to include password or keyboard-interactive after publickey so that they can be tried if publickey fails.

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Subject: Specific problem connecting to SSH from a system

I have a user who as attempting to set up automatic authentication via SSH for user A on host X to user B on host Y. He is not sure exactly what he has done, but he now has a situation where when ANY user on host X tries to login as user B on host Y they get an error - "permission denied (public key)". He can't find what he did to cause this or what he needs to do to fix this issue. Anybody got any ideas as to what would cause these symptoms?

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