May I again rant on TCPware?

*) When will TCPware be in .PCSI format (instead of VMSINSTAL)?
I like to be able to deinstall it within minutes (and not days)...

*) When will TCPware FTP accept filenames in the case I write them
(instead of lowercasing them, until I quote them)?
TCPIP does it...

*) When will BIND9 be available?
I like to be able to use allow-recursion and other new features soon.
TCPIP has it...

*) When will change password in SSH stop to logout after the pwdchg?
TCPIP is able to continue logging in...
btw: Why can't I SSH login in parallel into a user which is in SSH pwdchg mode?

*) Is TCPware already able to use more than 10k sockets?
I haven't tried for years (and TCPIP is able now and we need it)...

*) Is somebody testing TCPware with VMS 8.3 already?

and more to come

I'm used to TCPware for over 15 years now and it was always way better than
UCX (and TCPIP). But since a couple of years, TCPIP has advantages somewhere
and TCPware still didn't totally catch up. And I hate to downgrade to TCPIP
just for these other features. So please make my day soon...

But then again, I'm only a hobbyist

Network and OpenVMS system specialist
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