Since PSC fixed the SSH X11 Bug in TCPware V5.7 some weeks ago, I run V5.7-2
(I switched from TCPIP V5.5) on my remote DS10 V8.2 without problems so far.

So, I decided to upgrade TCPware on the next system (my local PWS V7.3-2)
and now have a problem.

AFAIK, TCPware V5.7-2 is (contrary to TCPware V5.7-1) supported on OpenVMS
Alpha V7.3-2 (and others).

Before, I got in SYS$MANAGERECW$SERVER_0_ERROR.LOG lines like this

29-JAN-2006 08:34:35.6 Access granted to: DECNET 85-90-146-7.DSL.YCN.COM EPLAN
matched entry: DECNET EPLAN

Now, I get (no access and) lines like this

28-JAN-2006 23:08:09.0 %DECW-I-ACCEPT_FAILED, could not accept connection reques
t from 85-90-146-7.DSL.YCN.COM::"0=EPLAN/. ........................X$X0"
28-JAN-2006 23:08:09.0 -SYSTEM-F-LINKDISCON, network partner disconnected logica
l link

As it was an upgrade, I didn't change any TCPware configuration so far.

Do you know, is this a bug in TCPware V5.7-2 (perhaps only with VMS V7.3-2)
or a bug in TCPware configuration (and what to change to fix it of course) ?

I do plan to upgrade my PWS to V8.2 soon, but need to fix this problem first
(or I do have to stay on V5.6-2 until the V8.2 upgrade in a few weeks).

Many TIA

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