On Oct 4, 9:45 am, FrankS wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can find information on setting the CIXCD
> node number jumpers?

Thank you to those that responded to my earlier question. Both links
to the archived literature were very helpful.

I'm still on the hunt for CIXCD info.

Does anyone have the 4K packet firmware for that adapter on a VAX

The HP firmware web site has what they call the "last official
release" for a VAX 7000, but that appears to contain the pre-4K
firmware (v49). HP also has a v4A which specifically removes the 4K
packet support, and which I suspect is for Alpha platforms.

I'm hoping to get the v69 CIXCD firmware, or any subsequent release
that supported 4K packet sizes.

(I am working on a VAX 7000-600 system, so if there was another
firmware release after the V0C on the HP web site that contains the 4K
support then that will do nicely.)

Thanks again in advance.