As you no doubt know, the DS20 and DS20e Main Logic boards are physically
identical (the on board SCSI is switched off on the DS20) but apart from
that they function the same.
With that in mind, why not install a 2Gb Fiberchannel card in the DS20
It is not supported methinks, but I know they work perfectly well - my guess
is they were not supported because the old style DS20 was phased out for the
better box style of the DS20e


"Malcolm Dunnett" wrote in message
> Alphaserver DS20, VMS 7.3-2, Console firmware 7.3, KGPSA-B firmware 3.20x7
> I know it's not supported but just for the benefit of hobbyists or others
> looking to extend the life of older systems I thought I'd post my
> experience with trying to get a KGPSA-B (Emulex Lp7000) to talk to a
> Brocade 2gb fibre switch.
> The problem appears at the console level (ie with trying to set up the
> system to boot from a disk connected to the 2gb switch via a KGPSA-B).
> What I observed was inconsistent and drove me nuts for a while trying to
> figure out if I had bad cables, etc.
> If one tries to use wwidmgr to set up a mapping ( eg
> wwidmgr -quickset -udid nnn) to a drive under this configuration you may
> get a "timeout probing pgx0" error, or it may appear to work (ie show you
> the drive mappings). Trying the command several times will produce one of
> these results in an apparently random fashion.
> Even if wwidmgr appears to work it was my experience that when I did the
> reset afterwards the disks would not appear at the console level, even
> though their parameters were stored in the console variables.
> Replacing the 2gb switch with a 1gb switch made the problem go away, as
> did replacing the KGPSA-B with a KGPSA-C (LP8000).
> Interestingly, if one boots the system some other way VMS is able to see
> the drives on the KGPSA-B/2gb switch combination and appears to access
> them with no problems (so it's really an Alphaserver console problem
> rather than a VMS issue).