I have perform disaster recovery restore my server, is windows 2000 Server
with Service Pack 4.

I have run through the disaster recovery (perform IDR with 6 diskettes).
I see the process of restoring from O/S and backup is done. when I reboot,
there is a message box appears with
"Please insert the Compact Disc labeled 'Service Pack 4 CD' into your CD-ROM
drive (F and then click OK"

Whether I have the service pack CD or files in the CD-Rom. What I do encounter
is the system can't get the Service Pack 4. After I click OK, if prompt me
another message say "The file 'NT5INF.CAT' on Service Pack 4 CD is needed.
Type the path where the file is located and then Click OK."

For what I have is the Service Pack 4 is in exe file format.

Now my server still can up. Please